Blonde Beauty Hacks:
8 Tips On How To Make Hair Blonder

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Wondering how to make your hair blonder? You’re in the right place. From styling tips to eating your way to brighter hair, read below for a rundown of blonde hair hacks to give your locks the lightened lift they need.

  1. Damaged hair? Get a head start

Invest in a snazzy showerhead. If you live in an area with hard water it has a higher mineral content — meaning colour fades faster and hair can become dry, damaged and brittle. The latest tap filters can remove chlorine by up to 99%, and some offer some added benefits like aromatherapy and massage heads – so hair, mind and body all look good and feel great.

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  1. Switch up your shampoo regime

Lighter hair is more porous and susceptible to build-up, so it's at its best, (we’re talking shiniest) when clean. Choose a brightening shampoo that can de-gunk and supercharge your strands all at the same time. Sheer Blonde Go Blonder Lightening Shampoo gradually deposits yellow tones for blonder-looking hues. One last thing: Apply shampoo to the scalp only, without too much friction, which can ruffle cuticles and lead to dull hair.

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  1. Employ some anti-aging tricks with hair lightening products

Skin can become more sallow with age, so you might need to lighten your hair colour a shade or two to compensate. Look at baby pictures of yourself and ask your hairdresser to re-create those baby-blonde highlights. Or, look out for a lightening shampoo and conditioner that's proven to actively bring out the best of your highlights. Handily - they're usually named 'highlight activating' on the tube.  

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  1. Add some multi-dimensional contrast

A little hair lightening spray with camomile and citrus can work wonders to lift dull tones and give hair a 3-D effect. This also manages to make hair appear thicker too. Or, for a peroxide-free treat, try Sheer Blonde Flawless Recovery Deep Conditioner — used as a mask, it turns hair into something more halo-like in five minutes flat, resulting in nourished, strengthened strands for boosted texture and vibrant shine.    

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  1. Try a styler

Those flat irons do more than straighten out the kinks – they also smooth ruffled cuticles flat, which in turn, creates the illusion of shine. Prepare the hair with a little heat-activating flat iron spray formulated with Keratin; employ some ceramic straighteners (these are the least offensive to fine blonde hair), and ta-da! As if by magic, you have swingy straight-from-the-salon locks that lasts up to 3 days.

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  1. Tweak your diet

Moisturise from within by investing in a savvy hair supplement. Look for a formula that is made from plant-derived omega 6s, vitamin E, and fatty acids to help boost hair shine. Or chow down on eggs – aim for at least four a week, as they’re full of protein and help to encourage collagen production. Certain fruits, like mangoes, provide the mineral silica, a component of connective tissue that helps to strengthen hair and promote growth. Figs or dried fruit and vegetables like kelp are an excellent source of iron, and the amino acid l-lysine, which directly affects hair health and growth too.

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  1. Swipe right

Natural bristle brushes ensure you brush up the right way, by stimulating the scalp and distributing the oil down the hair shaft – making it instantly glossier. Only opt for nylon versions if you’re lucky enough to have a thick blonde mane that needs extra detangling help.  

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  1. The ultimate shine products

Think you can’t use oil on blondes for fear of looking like a lardy locks? Think again. The latest oils are specially formulated for blondes and have a multitude of uses. Try a few pumps of Frizz Ease 6 Effects+Serum on wet hair to condition, or as a styler on finished styles to tame flyways and frizz. For an extra boost, use oil from root to tip and wrap hair in a towel for a deep conditioning shine-boosting treat once a week.

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