The Hairstyles Our Editors Can't Wait To Try In 2018

If you kicked off 2018 with lofty intentions, only to break all your resolutions on the first day, no worries. There's still a relatively easy (and completely pain-free) way to start the year off fresh: with a new cut, color, or style.

Refinery29' s editors are all booking their hair appointments now, and we've decided to share the exact inspiration images we're showing our stylists. Whether you're looking for a fresh cut, a new take on bangs, or just a cool style or accessory to try, you'll find plenty of ideas ahead.

Read on to see the 24 hairstyles we plan on wearing ASAP. Even if your hair resolutions aren't exactly the same as ours (like transitioning to our natural texture, finally chopping those bangs we've been talking about forever, or figuring out how to French braid), chances are there's another style that'll help you break out of that 2017 rut and start the year the way you intended.

"This is the only haircut that can convince me that bangs are capable of being low maintenance. I recently cut mine, so eventually they might grow out to the perfect curtain fringe, just like this. And if I can avoid blow drying them, then that's even better." — Sam Sasso, Beauty Editorial Assistant
@ sabinasocol
"I'm the least experimental person when it comes to hairstyles. I really only ever wear mine down in loose waves, but that can get boring. Not boring enough to, say, try a fishtail braid or slick bun, but enough to add in a little accessory like this evil eye pin. It's only $44, which is probably the only time I'll ever be able to afford something Gigi is wearing." —Alix Tunell, Senior Beauty Editor
"New year, same fro! I am obsessed with this poof and slick edges look. The more volume, the better in 2018." — Anissa Richmond, Video Producer
@ lee.estelle_
"I am terrible at maintaining an updo all day long, but this relaxed bun looks easy (although I'm sure it'll take a few tries) and includes a simple accessory that elevates the look to another level. Here's hoping I put a little extra effort into those dirty hair days." — Sasso
@ kristin_ess
"Forever obsessed with blunt bobs — they're purposeful and make a statement. Right now, my hair is in that weird in-between stage between bob and lob, so I'm thinking of getting a snip again in favor of something sleeker like this." — Mi-Anne Chan, Beauty Writer
@ colleeneflaherty
"I love the idea of playing with color! This lavender look is bold, but wearable paired with all that gorgeous melanin." —Richmond
@ _poemoney
"The texture of Bella's look here is something I strive for. I love the tousled waves and her hair has the perfect amount of volume. I am definitely going to break out some texture sprays, like the Ouai Wave Spray, to try and get this style." — Michaela Rollings, Associate Partnerships Manager
"I’m shedding a few pounds this month, and it’s not from dry January (screw that). My waist-length hair is so heavy, it actually hurts when I wear it up in a bun or ponytail. It’s time to lose some of that weight with a mid-length chop. And I’ve got my eye on this one. Love the color too!" — Cat Quinn, Beauty Director
@ salsalhair
"I was certain that I would never get bangs again, because growing them out is such a lengthy process. But this messy 'do on Vanessa Hudgens in convincing me otherwise. I love how effortless the banged bob is." — Jen Anderson, Editorial Assistant
@ vanessahudgens
"During my natural hair journey, I plan to embrace my 4C curl pattern by wearing my hair out in a twist out. I’m excited to try this look this year." — Nana Agyemang, Associate Content Strategy Editor
@ deunivory
"It's taken me way too long to finally acknowledge the fact that any drastic hair change I've ever made, no matter how into it I was at first, has always eventually ended in regret. Now that I've realized this about myself, I'm free to focus on the real objective: finding cool ways to style my long hair without losing an inch (except, of course, for the occasional dusting for maintenance). I love the idea of these alphabet bobby pins by Lelet NY... even though it would cost me a cool $320 just to secure my messy topknot with my favorite four-letter word." — Rachel Krause, Beauty Writer
@ leletny
"A good disheveled-on-purpose hair tuck, on the other hand, is free with the price of a turtleneck." — Krause
@ hairbyadir
"It's entirely too cold for my wash and gos — the last time I attempted to do one, I ended up getting sick. Plus, I'd like my hair to grow out in time for spring. I've had box braids way too many times to count, so I'm thinking of giving crochet locs a try. I'm in love with this lob styled by @Hairbysusy. It's long enough to play with pins and filigree tubes, but short enough to stuff underneath my oversized beanies on chilly days." — Khalea Underwood, Beauty Writer
@ hairbysusy
"But in the meantime, I'm digging Lupita Nyong'o's tapered cut. I don't want to cut my hair anytime soon, but copycatting should be easy (ish) with the help of styling gel and pins." — Underwood
@ vernonfrancois
"My hair goal for 2018 is to make my updos look purposeful, and less like I just threw my hair up in a bun in five seconds, which is usually the case. I feel like Emily Ratajkowski's face-framing pieces are polished while still making her low-pony look effortless." — Megan Decker, Beauty Production Assistant
"My hair is too short and layered right now to try this loop bun, but with just a few more inches, I might be able to pull it off." —Decker
@ blowoutjunkie
"Before this year, I was always intimidated by crochet faux locs. I thought I couldn’t pull them off, but now I’ve built the confidence and I’m going for it. And since I’m transitioning to natural hair, this style is the perfect protective look." — Agyemang
@ vanessa_gyimah
"This bubble ponytail is a cooler, more unexpected take on your standard ponytail or braid. I also love that it has an athleisure vibe." —Decker
@ collagevintage
"I wear my long, thick hair in a high ponytail more than I should — and I have the breakage to prove it. So I’m trying to find styles that are easy on my hair but still hide the fact that I haven’t washed it in four days. This pretty, reverse French twist pony should do the trick." —Quinn
@ kristin_ess
"This shape is EVERYTHING.The cut is super playful and I think it would work all year round!" — Richmond
@ idekcolee
"I am the exact opposite of a girly girl and yet, somehow, the onslaught of bows and ribbons has struck a cord with me. I love the idea of pairing a simple black ribbon with messy texture for a fresh take on the feminine trend." — Lexy Lebsack, Senior Beauty Editor
@ streichersisters
"There must be something in the water because I can't stop saving IG images of rad hair accessories — and this look on Alexa Chung is a favorite. It's messy (a must), chic (yes please), and dainty enugh to look cool no matter where you are heading. Now I just need to learn how to French braid..." — Lebsack
@ alexachung
"I hope this makes me sound more like Chrissy Teigen and less like the indecisive human that I am, but I’ve been going back and forth about getting bangs pretty much forever. This cut, which hits right below the eyebrows, might just be what convinces me — but I’ll make sure to put out a Twitter poll juuust in case.” — Kelsey Castanon, Beauty News Editor
@ modernsalon
"I’ve always been obsessed with a blunt bob cut and this sexy beach wave look is my dream. I plan to be trying this out this summer!" — Agyemang
@ thestylethesaurus

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