How should I select my John Frieda® Precision Foam Colour?

Consider the following when choosing your ideal Precision Foam Colour. First, identify your current hair color. Your current hair color will influence your color result. A color-level number has been assigned to each of our shades. Within the John Frieda® shade range, a level 2 represents our black shade; a level 10 represents our lightest blonde shade. When choosing your ideal color, it is important that you stay within two shade levels above or below your current hair color to ensure natural-looking results. For example, if you are a level 6, light brown color, select your color within levels 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8.
Second, ask yourself three simple questions:
• What is your desired shade? Brunette, blonde, or red?
• What is your desired intensity of color? Do you want to be a Dark, medium, or light brunette?
• What is your desired tone?
Do you like to see golden tones in your hair or do you prefer neutral tones? If you like to see golden tones in your hair, select a shade with the word “golden” in its description, or a “G” for “Golden” in the alphanumeric code (for example, shade 8G). If you prefer a neutral tone, choose an “N” (for example, shade 4N). If you want to be a redhead, choose an “R” shade like 6R, 5R, or 4R.
Choose colors with a “G” or “BG” if your complexion is more honey or almond, you tan easily, or your eyes are brown or hazel. Choose shades with an “N,” natural, if your complexion is pale, rosy, or has an even ebony color or your eyes are blue or green.
These are basic guidelines to achieve salon-quality color. There is a shade for nearly everyone.

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