Men get frizzy hair too! If you have frizzy hair, learn more about the causes and solutions for your wild mane.

Back view of Concentrated Curly Sportsman warming up

Back view of Concentrated Curly Sportsman warming up

Back view of Concentrated Curly Sportsman warming up


Women aren’t the only ones who battle with frizz. Curly, wavy, and long-haired men deal with frizz too. Unfortunately, some of the products designed for men’s hair actually dry out your hair, making frizz even worse. So, what’s a frizzy-haired guy to do?

The secret to sporting a sleek, frizz-free style is to keep your hair healthy and hydrated with the right hair care routine and products. Use the following tips for men with frizzy hair to help you get the smooth mane you deserve.

Men with Frizzy Hair: The Causes

The three main culprits for frizzy hair are dryness, damage, and friction. Learning more about what may be causing your frizz is the first step in getting rid of it.

Your hair is dry. Dry hair is devoid of the natural oils that help smooth the outer layer and give your hair that healthy shine. When your hair is dry, it tries to absorb all the extra moisture it can from the environment around you. That’s why on a humid day, your curly locks can turn into a frizzy mop. Curly hair and wavy hair are naturally more prone to dryness, but straight-haired guys can get frizz too. Washing your hair too often or using the wrong products can strip your hair of its natural oils, throwing its moisture balance off and over-drying your hair.

Your hair is damaged. Put down the blow-dryer and chill on the bleach. Dying, bleaching and excessive heat damage the hair’s cuticle, causing brittleness, breakage, and—you guessed it—frizz.

You’re exposing it to too much friction. If the first thing you do when you step out of the shower is reach for the towel and rub your hair vigorously, stop immediately! For men with frizzy hair, this is a big no-no. Why? Towel-drying lifts and damages your hair’s cuticle, creating frizz. Sleeping on a rough cotton pillowcase can cause a similar effect.

How to Keep Frizz at Bay

  1. Choose a moisturizing shampoo. Many shampoos can strip your hair of natural oils that coat and protest the strands of hair. When this oil is gone, hair can look dull, dry, and frizzy. Instead, look for a moisturizing shampoo designed for dry or frizzy hair.

  2. Use a leave-in conditioner daily. Whether you shampoo or not, use a daily leave-in conditioner to smooth the hair cuticle, seal in moisture, and create a barrier against frizz.

  3. Deep condition weekly. For men with extra dry locks or fluffy, frizzy hair, use a repairing hair mask once a week. Opt for a mask that is designed to realign hair fibers to help combat chronic frizz.

  4. Let hair dry naturally. Instead of blow-drying, use an anti frizz serum to repel humidity and let the air do the rest.

  5. Style wisely. Unless you’re a very long-haired dude, a bun is not an option for your frizzy hair. That’s where choosing the right products is essential. Embrace your natural curls or style your mane in a messy quiff or sleek pompadour with an alcohol-free, frizz fighting gel. Use a styling touch up creme to smooth flyaways into place, or any other flyaway tamer.

  6. Toss your brush. Bristle brushes ruffle the hair’s cuticle and can turn dry, frizz-prone hair into a wild, poofy mess. Use a wide-toothed comb to detangle wet hair after showering and use your fingers and a little product to style.
Now go rock that frizz-free look! Check out more great John Frieda frizz-fighting tips here.

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