Rainbow hair is a bold hair trend that requires some maintenance to keep it looking fresh and vibrant.




Nothing makes quite such a dramatic statement as rainbow hair. But as awesome as this bright, fun trend looks on Pinterest and Instagram, it’s anything but carefree in real life. Before you bring the colors of the rainbow to your hairstyle, check out these rainbow hair tips to see if the rainbow look is really for you.

How Do I Get Rainbow Hair?

To get rainbow hair, you’ll have to first bleach the pigment out until your strands are light enough to start dying them those fun and funky colors. And the darker your natural color is, the more bleach sessions you’ll have to go through. If you’re new to coloring your hair, this process is best left to a professional stylist.

The bleaching process can be very damaging, so you’ll want to make sure your hair is healthy and unprocessed before you begin. To safely bleach your hair, you’ll need to be patient. Your locks will need time to recover after each bleach treatment, so it could be a while before you’re ready to rock the rainbow.

While you’re waiting, wash your hair with a color-correcting shampoo. It’ll help neutralize warm and brassy tones, preparing the perfect cool palette for your rainbow transformation.

Consider Your Rainbow Hair Goals

Rainbow hair is an extremely versatile look that can be customized to create a style that’s uniquely you. From deep gem tones to soft pastels to shiny metallics, you can turn your tresses literally any color of the rainbow. But no matter which color you choose, some amount of bleaching will be involved.

Pastels like unicorn hair and metallics like the trendy silver hair require the most amount of bleaching. Your locks will need to be lightened to an almost white to overlay these softer shades. Electric tones like blue, hot pink and violet require less bleaching, but you’ll still need to strip your strands down to a light yellow if you want to achieve these bright tones.

Do your research and bring your stylist a collection of your favorite rainbow hair photos to inspire your new do. A good colorist can advise you on how best to achieve the dramatic look you’re going for, be it rainbow tips, ombre or full-on mermaid hair.

Taking Care of Rainbow Hair

Rainbow hair may look cool, but if you’re going to sport crazy colors, prepare to spend some time—and money—maintaining it. Funky electric colors may last longer, but softer, more subdued pastels and metallic hues can start to fade from the first wash! Help protect those amazing colors from fading by shampooing less often and using a color-safe cleanser.

When conditioning hair, use a vibrancy enhancing conditioner to help make sure your color-treated look stays vibrant and illuminated. And if rainbow hair is going to be your signature look, prepare to keep it looking fresh and vibrant with regular touch-ups at the salon.

Now go rock the rainbow! Can’t get enough? Check out more John Frieda hair color ideas here.

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