Hairstyles Through the Decades: Our Favourite 60s, 70s and 80s Hairstyles

Stand out from the crowd with some of these iconic hairstyles from the 60s, 70s and 80s below!


Keen to give your 'do a hit of nostalgia? Stand out from the crowd with iconic hairstyles through the decades. From the 60s fringe to 80s crimped hair, here at John Frieda, we’ve got everything you need to create the perfect look.

Find a selection of standout hairstyles through the ages below, with tips and tricks on how our products can help you achieve the perfect look. Remember to always use our Detox & Repair range to ensure hair is healthy prior to styling.

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Swinging Sixties: 60s Hairstyles

1. The Beehive

Perhaps the most iconic 1960s hairstyle, a beehive will add va-va-voom to your party look. Tease all sections of your hair with a comb, before swooping up into a towering beehive. The secret is the right hairspray, so we’d recommend smoothing down flyaways and keeping your look in place with our Volume Lift Lightweight Hairspray.


2. The 1960s Fringe

Channel your inner Brigitte Bardot and recreate the iconic 60s fringe, smoothed down with our range of Frizz Ease products. Elegance is the name of the game, so add some mystery to your party look with this classic 1960s hairstyle. Swoop your fringe forward across your face, and hold in place with our Frizz Ease Serum.

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3. The Bouffant

This long, flowing, voluminous style is a 60s hair classic, adding glamour and pizzazz to any look. Our Volume Lift range is the perfect partner, infused with air-silk technology to prep hair for a fuller 1960s hairstyle. Use our Root Booster to build volume at the root, doing away with the need for rollers, before smoothing the outer layer of hair on top of your head with a comb. Hold your look in place with our Fine to Full Blow-Out Spray.


Feathered Like Fawcett: 1970s Hairstyles

With the rise of the hippie, the 1970s shag and long, flowing locks dominated the scene. Check out how to recreate these classic 1970s hairstyles at home.

1. The 70s Shag Haircut

Invented for Hollywood A-lister Jane Fonda, this 1970s hairstyle is legendary. Get your groove on by recreating this iconic 70s look. Fluff up short layers, and pull forwards to frame your face. Use our Secret Agent Touch-Up Crème to create a tousled look without any frizz.


2. The Farrah Flip

Perhaps the most renowned 70s look, the Farrah flip is all about volume. Here at John Frieda our Volume Lift range is key for height and hold. Prep hair with our Lightweight Shampoo and Lightweight Conditioner, then use a barrel brush to flip your ends and spritz our Volume Lift hairspray to create the ultimate 1970s hairstyle.

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3. The Hippie Hair

Get your flares on and your curlers out! Long flowing curls with a centre part is a classic 70s look. Remember to use our Detox & Repair range to prevent heat damage, before parting hair down the centre and curling in loose 70s waves. Keep curls in place with our Dream Curls Curl Defining Crème and tame down any frizz with our All-in-1 Original Serum.


Bigger is Better: 1980s Hairstyles

Perms were the name of the game, with 80s hair being all about height and volume. Discover how to recreate our top 3 looks from this decade below, including 80s crimped hair!

1. The Perm

Channel your inner Dolly Parton by prepping fine hair with our Volume Lift Thickening Mousse before boosting natural curls with our Dream Curls Daily Styling Spray. Finally, add height to your look by brushing out the top layer of curls, and using our Dream Curls Curl Defining Crème to keep your new 70s look in place.


2. The Princess Diana

Considered to be a true hair icon, Princess Diana’s 80s hair is nothing short of legendary. Perfect for adding some drama to short hair, recreate her royal look by fluffing up hair with our Lightweight Conditioning Mist before holding in place with our Fine to Full Blow-Out Spray.

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3. The Punk Rock Crimped Mullet

Business at the front and party in the back! Make a statement with a Punk Rock mullet, one of the most audacious 1980s hairstyles. Backcomb shorter layers on the crown of the head, and hold in place with Moisture Barrier Intense Hold Hairspray to guarantee classic 80s big hair. Create additional volume in the lower layers by crimping hair, then keep in shape with our Volume Lift Hairspray.


Stand out from the crowd at your next party with inspiration from 1960s hairstyles, the 70s shag haircut or 1980s big hair.

Whichever look you choose to dazzle with at your next event, remember to check out our Post-Party Hair Care & Detox Tips to keep hair in tip-top condition, as even your luscious locks can get partied out!


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