10 Brunette Shades For Every Skin Tone


Think blondes have more fun? Forget it! Check out the ten coolest shades of brunette hair from espresso to milk chocolate, burnt sienna, and beach brown to tawny — you’ll never hear the words ‘mouse’ and ‘brown’ in the same sentence again.

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  1. Espresso

Can’t wake up without your morning shot of caffeine? Well, let’s extend this to the richest hair colour around. It’s dark, bold and totally luxurious. The key to getting this brunette shade to work is to ensure you sport an intense shine — so keep hair in tip-top condition.

Who can wear it?

Anyone with dark or olive skin tones and dark brown eyes.

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  1. Beachy Brown

When it comes to spring hair trends, honey highlights weaved naturally into brunette hair offer a great sunny lift to the hair and face. It has the look of someone who's been marooned in Barbados – and not behind a desk. Ask your hairdresser for a brunette balayage from brunette to blonde (a hand-painted technique that looks natural and surf girl-esque.) Or lighten up a tad with Brilliant Brunette Visibly Brighter In-Shower Treatment, which imparts a sun-kissed glow in five minutes. Oh, and if you want that beach-girl texture? Spritz in anything described as a ‘sea wave’ spray.

Who can wear it?

This hue works well all with all skin tones from pale to olive.

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  1. Unconventional Colour

Streaks of not-so-natural colour like ultraviolet, cherry red and blue, can add some serious interest to bored brunettes. Check with your colourist, as you might need some blonde pieces added in before, but, it can be done loud and proud or super subtly, and the results are soo insta-glam. As extreme colour changes fade fast, take out some insurance by using an after-colour conditioner to add longevity to any colour-treated hair.

Who can wear it?

Darker skin tones can pull off the blues and reds, olive sorts can sport purples, while paler types will benefit from peach and pink streaks.


  1. Copper

As if we haven’t had enough of rose gold interior and accessory inspo – we’ve now fallen for it when it comes to our hair colour. It works wonders on brunettes to blonde shades and can be worn as an overall wash of natural colour or streaks — the choice is yours.

Who can wear it?

Rose gold with apricot is perfect for warm neutral skin tones, while cooler tones will appreciate the more platinum end of the spectrum.

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  1. Chocolate

This hue is perfect for playing with the ombre colouring technique. But to keep it modern, try switching it up. Instead of going from light at the roots to dark ends, with chocolate brown hair — go from dark at the top, graduating to lighter ends. Keep the texture slightly undone by using a volumising mousse, which offers a non-scrunchy tousle.

Who can wear it?

Dark skin tones or anyone with dark brown eyes.

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  1. Burnt Sienna

Even when hair is drenched in mahogany, auburn or burnt sienna highlights — as long as the base is brunette, it will look uber natural.

Who can wear it?

Warmer skin tones like olive or golden benefit from a pop of burnt sienna.

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  1. Bronde

That pretty brown-meets-blonde — bronde — is either brunette high lights or blonde low lights. Whichever way you want to look at it, one thing's for sure, this light brown hair colour, is best achieved by using balayage (the free-painting highlight technique), rather than traditional foils. Furthermore, the correct tone should be only two-to-three shades lighter than your existing brunette colour. Try Rich Radiance Multi-Tone Revealing Conditioner to bring out all of the different tones in this shade.

Who can wear it?

Everyone. Your colourist will place the colour that suits you best, nearest your face, to add glow and radiance to your complexion.

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  1. Smoky

Add subtle smoky greys for an instant style update to brunette hair. You can add icy highlights as a contrast, an ash blonde all over tint, or just a hint of smoke on the ends. It’s super low maintenance as there won’t be too much demarcation, meaning fewer roots (and hair appointments!). Furthermore, it also streamlines out-of-control, thick and wavy hair types.

Who can wear it?

This is a good option for those with pink or peach tones in their complexions and with light blue or green eye colour.

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  1. Dark Cocoa

If you’re going for a rich dark one-tone shade — then you must factor in your height and hair length. (Too dark and long for anyone petite and it can swamp you.) Keep hair lustrous by using Brilliant Brunette Visibly Deeper Colour Deepening Shampoo — it’s aptly infused with cocoa and evening primrose oil for the ultimate in shine.

Who can wear it?

Cocoa is great for warmer skin tones.

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  1. Tawny

When it comes to brunette hair colour ideas — tawny is entirely underrated. The warm, orange-based shade not only brings out the colour of blue and green eyes, it also works well on very pale to medium skin tones. 

Who can wear it?

From the very pale to medium, cool skin tones


Finally, always remember to finish your style with a shine serum to add a pro-finishing touch.

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