A Go-To Glossary for the Most Popular Hairstyles

I once went to get my mid-back-length hair cut to the top of my shoulders, and things ended with me sobbing on FaceTime. I didn’t bring photos, didn’t have the names of cuts, and instead said something along the lines of, “I want it to sit on my shoulders,” and blindly nodded when she replied, “Oh, I totally know what you want.”

I walked out of there with a bowl cut that barely grazed my chin. I broke down in the car and immediately ran to the grocery store for the miracle hair-growth pill biotin. Don’t be like me; know exactly what kind of haircut you want.

And we have you covered for that. We talked to celebrity hairstylist Renato Campora, who has worked with stars such as Mila Kunis, Margot Robbie, and Sienna Miller. He gave us the hairstylist definitions for haircuts, so you’ll never be stuck in a sticky situation. Scroll through the list of hairstyles below, read Campora’s explanations, and know you’re next haircut is going to be bomb.

Baby Bangs

"Known to be the super-short bangs, where the fringes are typically cut until mid-forehead. This style can be exhaustive to maintain."


Curtain Bangs

"This chic style came from the ’60s, and it means to center-part your fringes. This cut is suitable for many hair lengths and styles. However, it may require a bit of maintenance for wavy hair."

Straight-Across Bangs

"Refers to the hair cut to hang from your forehead, typically at or just covering the eyebrows."


"A pixie cut is a daringly short hairstyle where the hair is cut short on the back and sides, and slightly longer on top for a layering effect. The pixie cut first became popular in the ’50s and will make a reappearance every few generations."


"A bob cut is a short haircut that is typically cut straight around the head at jaw level. Some will opt for a bit of fringe or bangs at the front. Or you can easily create a sleek style similar to the look I did for Mila Kunis."



Photo Credit: Imax Tree

"Medium-length hair is a great way to get volume while leaving just enough to still create updos. This style is most flattering for most face shapes and is typically cut at the shoulder."


Photo Credit: Imax Tree

"Any hairstyle cut below shoulder length can be considered long hair. While longer hair may mean more upkeep, you can achieve many different styles with longer hair."

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