Thin hair gets a boost with new technology

Thin haired ladies of the world will know the struggle is real when it comes to their tresses.

Thin hair can often look limp and lifeless, and it doesn’t matter how much product you apply, giving it a real boost always seems just out of reach. Well, worry less ladies, as new technology is aiming to tackle the problem from the inside.

“The actual make up of the hair is different,” Christine Sarosy, senior research scientist for John Frieda, told Cover Media. “You have the cuticle on the outer layer, and you have the cortex in the middle, and the cortex is what has all of your proteins, and that’s the structural integrity of your hair. So, fine hair has a much smaller cross section of the cortex versus thick hair.”

This is where John Frieda’s new Luxurious Volume range comes in, with Christine sharing that the products were created after the research team began to wonder whether it was possible to make thin hair behave like thick hair.

“That was a challenge,” she smiled. “A lot of the technology currently available on the market is acting on the outside of the hair, so we wanted to see if we could get into that hair fibre and change the cortex, and what that does to transform the hair for a long-lasting effect.”

The result is a collection that helps give hair more body and fullness.

“The shampoo has volumizing polymers included that almost act as space fillers. They’re very small but they get in between the strands of hair,” Christine explained, before adding of the conditioner: “When we talked to fine hair consumers, they’re always so worried about their hair getting weighed down. So we took a new approach to conditioner and we took out all the heavy ingredients, and left behind just what fine hair needs.”

And for the volumizer spray, the team of experts designed the product to strengthen the hydrogen bonding that goes on within the cortex of the hair, making fine hair behave more like thick hair.

Syoss’ Full Hair 5 is another hero product for fine hair, as it targets density, volume, strength, and anti-hairfall, and is available in a shampoo and conditioner.

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