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JF MAN Lift System

JF MAN Lift System

JF MAN Lift System


Search for Jack Guinness and ‘Is this the coolest man in Britain?’ is the first page that comes up.
He’s got the celebrity mates, the modelling career, the column in GQ and one of the most famous beards in fashion. Which is why we made sure Jack was one of the first people to try new JF Man from the John Frieda Collection.
“I’m always nicking my flatmates’ and friends’ John Frieda stuff, so it was good to have something made specifically for my hair.” 

Jack has been using our Lift System, to add some volume and structure to his look.

“As my hair gets longer, it can easily end up looking a bit flat.”
This is where JF Man comes in. It gives Jack that Fresh Cut Style – the look and feel you get when you’re fresh from the barbers, even as your hair starts to grow out.

“Fresh Cut Style? It’s just about keeping your hair looking good. Whether you’ve just stepped out of the barber or haven’t been for ages.”


JF Man makes Jack’s styling routine simple. And it all starts in the shower. He uses the
Energising Shampoo to create thicker looking hair. Then he usually blow dries his hair and styles it with a small amount of Lifting Clay Crème for a lifted, textured look. Then he finishes with Humidity Blocking Hairspray. The hairspray is Jack’s favourite product, as it gives him lasting hold with a really natural-looking finish.

A few quick, easy steps to get that lifted look.


So… Jack’s hair’s sorted. And when his hair’s right he can style anything out… right? We decided to put this to the test and see if he could style out our game of insta truth or dare.

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