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JF MAN Control System

JF MAN Control System

JF MAN Control System


Chris John Millington. He’s the Glasgow boy who was catapulted into the modelling world after being scouted in a coffee shop.
Since then, he’s featured in campaigns by some of the world’s most famous photographers.

But whether Chris is on a shoot, updating his 500,000 instagram followers, or just on a
night out with his mates - he always wants his hair to look great.

Which is why Chris is the perfect guy to help us introduce the new Control System from JF Man.

“I think having good hair is key to every bloke’s confidence. It is with me. It’s fine when my hair has just been trimmed and styled, but it all gets a bit tricky when I haven’t had it cut in a while.”


With JF Man from the John Frieda Collection, your style starts in the shower. Chris uses the Taming Shampoo followed by the Calming Conditioner. Together they moisturise and nourish his hair to make it easier to style. 

Chris then finishes his look with the Sculpting Paste to shape a lasting, flexible style
on towel-dried hair. It’s that simple.

“Everyone needs a system. You don’t want to be figuring out your look from scratch every morning. JF Man’s about being washed, styled and sorted.”



Fresh Cut Style isn’t just about your look. It’s also about keeping the feel and confidence that lets you style anything out.
We know Chris is used to being in front of the camera, so we thought we’d put him on the other side of the lens. We’ve given him a camera, a couple of yours and a list of seemingly impossible photos to get.
Chris, welcome to your Style It Out challenge….

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