• Use Heat Wisely
    You're not going to stop using styling tools completely, but you can learn to use them smartly. When you blow-dry hair, use a diffuser or hold the dryer a good distance from hair so that strands don't come into direct contact with high heat. Whenever possible, dry at low heat, and try lowering the heat on your flat iron and curling iron as well.

  • Choose the Right Tools
    Select a good, ceramic flat iron, one that gets hot enough to straighten hair but not so hot that it will severely damage strands. Also, take another look at your manual implements: use a wide-tooth comb or try a paddle brush; its bristles are wide enough to be gentle on hair.

  • Color Safely
    That gorgeous hair color may come at a price – damage from frequent chemical treatments. To keep your color-treated hair as healthy-looking as possible, be sure to condition often, protect against further damage from sun exposure, and try to keep your chemical treatments to a minimum.

  • Brush Kindly
    Forget that old advice to brush 100 times before bed. Too much brushing can actually cause breakage. So once you have the tangles smoothed, ease up on the brushing. And minimize backcombing. Instead, to create volume, try a root booster like Full Repair™ Protecting Root Lift Foam.

  • Schedule that Trim
    The longer your hair, the longer your strands have come into contact with the damaging effects of heat styling, chemical treatments, and sun exposure. So no matter how much you love your long style, be sure to trim your hair regularly, preferably every 4-6 weeks, depending on length and condition of hair. Regular trims help to eliminate and prevent split ends, improving the overall look and feel of your hair.

  • Protect from the Sun
    You love to soak up those rays, but your hair, just like your skin, needs protection. If you can stand to cover up your gorgeous style – temporarily -- throw on a hat, which will give you the most surefire protection from harmful UV rays. If hats don't suit your look, try wearing your hair up in a flattering ponytail or a low bun to minimize sun exposure. Finally, try leaving in conditioner while at the beach or poolside to help nourish strands.