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French Braid with a Twist


Step 1

Massage Luxurious Volume® Volume Building Mousse through damp hair to create texture.


Step 2

Blow-dry hair using a diffuser attachment and your fingers to create more texture to hold the braid.


Step 3

Create a side part starting at the front hairline that continues all the way to the nape of your neck. Starting with the hair on the smaller side of your part, take a 1-inch section of hair near your temple and divide hair evenly into three sections.


Step 4

Take one of the outside sections and wrap it under the middle section. Continue taking pieces from the outside and wrapping under the middle section, pulling more hair into the outside pieces each time you wrap. Continue until the side is fully braided and secure with an elastic.


Step 5

Repeat with the larger parted side, remembering to pull the outside sections under the middle section. Secure hair with an elastic when it is fully braided.


Step 6

Gently pull apart the plaits to loosen each of the braids, creating a softer look.


Step 7

Twist the ends of the braid together and roll up towards the base of your neck, creating a chignon.


Step 8

Secure with bobby pins, ensuring they are hidden within the chignon.


Step 9

Set the look by evenly spraying with Luxurious Volume® All-Day Hold Hairspray.


Step 10

The result is a sophisticated look that puts a traditional French braid to shame.

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