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Ask Our Elite Stylist The cure for damaged hair


The cure for damaged hair

Put those scissors down. World-renowned stylist Harry Josh reveals the tricks to getting beautiful, long, healthy hair without sacrificing your locks.

I have to flat iron my hair every day, and now it looks fried if I don’t. How do I get healthier hair without having to cut it all off?

-Judith B., Arlington, Texas

When you’re dealing with overworked hair, it’s easy to become a slave to your heating utensils in order to create the healthy look you want.

This means you’re stuck in a never-ending cycle of having to style your hair. However, if you keep cutting all your hair off to make it healthy, inevitably it’s going to be damaged again through colouring, flat ironing, etc. So it’s important to repair your hair while it grows vs. simply trimming it.

Start with a daily regimen of Full Repair® Full Body Shampoo and Conditioner. The ingredients found in these products helps to reverse the look and feel of damaged hair. It also detangles strands, which reduces your risk of breakage when brushing.

For a salon experience, saturate your hair with the Full Repair® Hydrate + Rescue Deep Conditioner. This deep conditioning will infuse your hair with intense moisture so you’ll instantly see an improvement.

When your hair gets to the length you want, don’t cut it. Instead, grow it an inch past your desired length and then cut that inch off. Between the use of the Full Repair products and trimming that extra inch, you will slowly remove all the damage.

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