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Ask Our Elite Stylist A Hue That’s All You

Red, General Hair Care

A Hue That's All You.

There's always something to learn when it comes to picking, protecting and maintaining your hair colour. Harry Josh answers one of your questions on how to best care for your colour.

I'm a brunette who needs a little gray coverage. I also have red undertones and highlights. When I color at home I use a medium golden brown color, but it covers my red highlights. Since red is in, what can I do color-wise to bring out my natural red?

– Kathleen T., De Land, FL

This is super easy. If you enjoy your red tones, the medium-golden-brown shade really is the ideal shade for you.

Don’t switch necessarily, but you could try one level darker called John Frieda® Precision Foam 4BG Dark Chocolate Brown which has a little more red in it.

Remember that gold translates into red tones in sunlight. When you put in gold, it'll give you the warmth you're looking for and will allow you to transition easier into a different color later down the road (i.e. in the fall when you might want a cooler brown tone). 4BG will help bring out the natural red without going overboard.

Still want to pump up the red? Try using John Frieda Radiant Red Shampoo and Conditioner to enhance the red tones in your hair without depositing any color. Always keep in mind: it's so much easier to add red to the hair then to remove it.

When it comes to picking tones, it's all about personal taste; some people enjoy seeing that gold-reddish hue that pops in sunlight and some people don't. If you prefer something a little more subdued, stay within cool, ashy or natural tones and if you want to get that sparkle and shimmer that red and gold give off, stick with warm.

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