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Vintage Brunette Waves

Waves, Brunette,
Fall is the perfect time to indulge in a little style reinvention. Shiny, multi-dimensional brunette strands look positively polished when styled in a classic 1920s or 30s fashion. Beautiful, soft finger waves can be a little tough to achieve at first, but with some practice, they make an unforgettably stunning look for everyday and special occasions, like Halloween.

1. Prep Your Brunette

Wash hair with Brilliant Brunette® Multi-Tone Revealing Daily Shampoo and Conditioner to show off your rich, dimensional brunette colour. On soaking wet hair, smooth Brilliant Brunette® Shine Shock® Perfecting Glosser throughout strands for a boost of massive shine (but don't rinse out).

2. Get Ready to Style

With gently towel-dried hair, make a side part and use a gel like Frizz-Ease® Clearly Defined® Styling Gel and comb it through your hair, covering it from roots to ends. The gel will hold your finger waves firmly in place while calming any frizz and adding shine.

3. Beginning the Wave

Comb hair on one side of the part over your forehead. Then, place your middle finger firmly across the hair that's pushed forward (parallel to your part), holding hair in place. Press the comb against the side of your finger and push the hair back toward the crown of your head. If you'd like to secure the wave with more than just gel, use a pin or clip to hold the wave, and/or use a hairspray with staying power, like Frizz-Ease® Moisture Barrier Firm-Hold Hair Spray.

4. Complete the Shape

Place your index finger firmly over the hair that's just been pushed back and again, put the comb next to your finger and comb hair forward. You should begin seeing an S-shape wave in your hair. Continue this pattern back and forth until the waves are at about ear length, and then wave hair on the opposite side.

5. Finish the Look

Let hair dry completely and take out any pins if you used them (you can also comb through the waves if you'd like them loose and soft). Depending on your hair length, you can style the rest of your hair however you would like—pin curl short to medium length brunette hair, or twist, roll, and pin longer hair underneath. To combat any frizz and to make this look last from day to night, spray hair again with Frizz-Ease® Moisture Barrier Firm-Hold Hair Spray.

Finger waves are a beautiful option for going out, especially on a night like Halloween, since this vintage style spans a few decades. Try finger waves for a 1920s Flapper look—opt for fringe, pearls, and a sparkly headband around your forehead to make it work.

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