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Update Your Style in 5 Easy Steps - Brunette

Brunette, Accessories and Style
Your New Year's transformation shouldn't require a whole new wardrobe or a radically different haircut. Start 2012 with a fresh look—but one that's still undeniably chic and you—by following these savvy tips that won't break the bank.

1. Re-examine Your Closet. Take a look at what you have, say good-bye to the pieces that never get any airtime, then decide what's missing. With a few strategic new additions, you can mix and match and head to the office or after-dinner drinks looking fresh for the New Year. Try adding a button-down, silk blouse or a romantic tie-front blouse. Look for a good wool pencil-skirt for work or a colour-block mini-skirt for the weekends. For the cool winter temps, invest in an ivory, cable-knit sweater, a pewter gray cardigan in a soft-wool blend, or a chic sweater dress you can wear over skinny jeans, tights, or leggings.

2. Update Your Makeup—in One Step! The simplest way to look timeless and sophisticated? Go for a classy, red lip, one that's right for your skin tone. Choose a shade of red with orange undertones if your skin tone is warm—think fire-engine red. Or find a red lipstick with blue or pink undertones if your skin tone is cooler.

3. Find the Ideal Accessory. Find a piece that sets off your look perfectly. A pretty, leather handbag is always in. Or a necklace of thin, layered chains and delicate pendants. Want something both eye-catching and versatile? A chunky cuff bracelet can be sensational enough on its own. Try one carved from wood or sterling silver, or look for a bangle made of resin in a show-stopping shade.

4. Stay Polished. You love experimenting with the latest hues in nail polish—and why not? Keeping your nails up-to-date is an easy way to transform your look. This winter, keep your nails short; it's the best way to show off some seriously cool colours—think pearly white, peachy orange, or a surprising, minty green.

5. Discover Your Perfect Bangs. If you're looking for an update but aren't ready for a complete hairstyle overhaul, getting bangs is one, no-fuss way to refresh your look. Ask your stylist for ones that flatter your face shape. As a general rule: long, heavy bangs that hit just below the brows work great for square-shaped faces, while gentler bangs that arch above the brows are ideal for rounder faces. Soft, side-swept bangs flatter most any face, especially those with heart-shaped faces or small foreheads.

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