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A Root Boosting Twist on Red-Carpet Ready Hair

Oily or dry scalp, Other,
Whether headed to a special event or simply hitting the town, this is your season to shine. Red-carpet inspired hair requires an extra special twist. In fact, this season’s on-trend twisted side-sweep is the perfect choice for your hair type and scalp concerns. The twists and bobby pins do the work for you, so you don’t need to weigh hair down with a lot of products. It also lets your scalp breathe thanks to its loose and natural style. Here’s how to achieve this twist on a classic.

Step One

Prepare hair for the big night ahead by washing with Root Awakening® Hydrate + Nourish Shampoo and Conditioner or Root Awakening® Purify + Nourish Shampoo and Conditioner, depending on your scalp type. This will help make hair easier to style right from the start. Blow-dry hair as usual, taking care to lift at the root for added volume. Once dry, make a dramatic side part. Then pull forward two sections of hair—one on each side of your face. Let this hair rest over your ears as you move on to Step Two.


Step Two

Sweep the remaining hair at the back of your head over the shoulder of your choice. Lightly twist and use bobby pins to secure hair at the nape of your neck. Think of it as a side ponytail without elastic tying it in place. To achieve added volume, gently backcomb at the crown before securing hair in place. The added support of the bobby pins will help ensure hair doesn’t fall flat.


Step Three

Now comes the fun part — twisting! Take 2-inch sections of the remaining hair hanging over your ears. Twist this hair in sections and pin the twists over to the side, mixing it in with the rest of your hair. Repeat this step, until all hair is securely in place and you’ve achieved your star-inspired look. Finish your look with a little sparkle. Earrings and necklaces are red-carpet staples, but have you ever considered a statement hair accessory? From enhanced hairpins to floral headpieces, embellishments go a long way.

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