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The Go Blonder Buzz

Blonde, General Hair Care

The verdict is in: You love the Go Blonder Controlled Lightening Spray. It keeps your roots in check and your colour light, bright, and sun-kissed—all without a trip to the salon. Check out what your fellow blondes are saying:

"This brings my hair back to the natural sun kissed look I had in high school before colouring my hair." — CurlyPearl, Colorado

"I was skeptical about this lightening spray but was amazed at the quick results. My dark roots lightened up and look blended and natural, not brassy!" — joycerella, Ohio

"My hair looks more natural, feels better, and looks healthier than anything I ever had done at a salon...I love this product and started using the whole line now." — Jessiann912, New York

"Once my roots started showing last month, I found this (along with the shampoo and conditioner) and decided to give it a try. After only a week, everyone started asking if I had coloured my hair. It lightened my hair colour just to where it was noticeable, but the big thing was my roots blended almost completely!" — BusyBlondeMomma, Mississippi

"Every time I go to the salon my hair care specialist tells me that my hair 'really looks great' then asks me what I am using. I let her know it is Go Blonder lightening spray and that I haven't had to colour my hair in months!" — Sassy1, Idaho

"I was born a blonde, but now have to achieve my "blonde" with help. In-between colourings this adds wonderful sheen, softness and subtle highlights. You'd never know that my roots are gray or mousy brown. The Sheer Blonde collection is a must have in my home. Fabulous!!!" — curlytop, Missouri

"No one could believe that I lightened my hair myself with just the John Frieda Go Blonder Lightening Spray, my hair looked professionally done and healthy. I recommend this product to at least one new person a week...mostly because of all the compliments that I still am receiving from both people who knew the darker blonde me and people who I have met as a Go Blonder Blonde. I cannot rave enough about this product and it has made me a John Frieda customer for life. Thank You!" — Roxi, Connecticut

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