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Make Spring Style Your Own: Harry Josh on the Latest Trends in Hair

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As International Creative Consultant for John Frieda® Hair Care, I really enjoy getting to help women translate the looks they love from the runway and red carpet to everyday style that's both sophisticated and attainable. My advice is always to take the fantasy of the runway and make it work for everyday style by paring down one element you love—be it a colour trend or a particular hair style. Make sure that trend works with your look.

In the past, I've seen women make the mistake of adopting styles that don't suit their individual hair concerns. I see this especially when it comes to hair extensions—they make long hair attainable, but they're not the best solution for every woman. Some women who adopt extensions might be opting for length when they should be going for width. When making a choice about extensions, it's important to consider your hair type, the shape of your face, and your lifestyle.

This season, women have so many fantastic trends they can turn into workable styles that suit their hair type and face shape. We're seeing the return of the haircut, a throwback from longer hair. Many celebrities and fashion icons with classically long hair are opting for shorter, shoulder-length styles like chic, layered bobs while women with shoulder-length hair are making bold statements with even shorter cuts, like the daring pixie, a style that's ideal for fine hair and looks great on small faces.

All these cuts are great for showing off the latest trend in hair colour: bold, single-process colours in striking shades of blonde, brunette, and red—hues that look great with this season's beautiful matte lips and bright nails.

If you want to make a chic, individual statement, embellish your cut or colour with eye-catching accessories: bold pieces like headbands, bows, and hats, often in striking patterns. This spring and summer, hair is fun again.

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