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Spring Clean Your Hair Routine

Brunette, General Hair Care
Spring cleaning doesn’t just apply to your closet—this April, get your hair and makeup habits in on the action too. Read on to discover tips on how to spring clean your beauty routine.

1. Banish Bacteria

Give dirty makeup brushes a good clean once a week using a gentle shampoo and warm water, and let them air dry overnight. For hair brushes, remove any hair that’s built up in the brush (wetting the brush first will make it easier to take out). Wash with shampoo and let dry overnight.

2. Heat Tool TLC

Because heat tools like curling irons and flat irons get used so much—dirt, oil, product, and grime can build up on the surface, leading to less-than-perfect styling results. When your heat tools are unplugged and cooled down, wipe them down with a cloth soaked with lukewarm water until clean.

3. Cut Out Clutter

Go through your stash of hair and beauty products and throw out what’s old or expired. Look for signs like a change in consistency or a smell that’s different than when you first bought it to determine whether products are no longer useable. If you’re unsure whether to get rid of something, err on the side of caution—over time, products can lose their effectiveness or harbor unwanted bacteria.

4. Treat Tresses

Rescue and rejuvenate winter hair that’s dry or damaged with Full Repair® hydrate + rescue Deep Conditioner. Turn it into a salon-like conditioning treatment by wrapping hair in a hot towel for 20 minutes after saturating strands in order to lock in intense moisture and deliver shine.

5. Brighten Up

Amp up your new and improved beauty routine with a spring-inspired shade to wear on your lips or as a hair accessory. A punch of bright colour (think orange-reds or vibrant pinks) is sure to stand out in the warmer days ahead.

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