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Summertime can bring about visions of flowing beach waves and sun-kissed strands, but every style-savvy woman knows it takes the right tools and techniques to get hair that looks effortless. Check out these 5 tips to get summer-worthy hair:


1. Fit & Trim

Summer heat, humidity and UV rays can rob your hair of much-needed moisture. A sure sign you’re due for a trim? Frizzy-ends. Noticing that the end of your hair is looking a bit frazzled is usually an indicator of sun or heat tool damage and split ends. Be sure to check in with your stylist every
4-6 weeks to get the damage trimmed off.


2. Smooth Strands From Day
To Night

A boho-chic side braid is a great style to help keep your hair out of the way during days at the beach and can be easily undone for sleek waves later that night. Start in the shower with a repairing shampoo and conditioner like Frizz-Ease® Smooth Start® Repairing Shampoo and Conditioner to mend damaged strands and help keep frizz at bay. Pull hair to one side and loosely braid strands; once you have secured the braid, gently pull the plaits apart for a softer look. Heading out after a day at the beach? Instantly transform your casual braid into sleek waves. Undo your dry braid and run your fingers through hair to loosen waves. Use a small amount of Frizz-Ease® Secret Weapon® Flawless Finishing Crème to smooth any stray strands and keep it with you throughout the night to touch up flyways.


3. Head-to-Toe Sun-Kissed Glow

Summer is the perfect time to warm up your hue. This season, brunettes should look for a shade with golden or copper tones in it to get a sun-kissed shimmer—some favorites right now include Precision Foam Colour 4BG Brilliant Brunette® Dark Chocolate Brown and 6NBC Salon Blends Light Bronze Brown. If you’re blonde and looking to lighten up, try subtle face-framing highlights using Sheer Blonde® Go Blonder Controlled Lightening Spray. It allows you to control the level and the placement of your blonde highlights and is the best lightening spray for natural-looking blonde colour.


4. Style Without The Damage

Carefree beach waves are always a hit in warm summer months—and a great way to look stylish without the added harm of heat tools. For soft, casual waves, spray your favorite texturizing or sea salt spray onto damp or towel dried hair. Take 1-2” square sections of hair and twist into pin curls, taught against your head. Secure with clips or pins and let air dry as you finish getting ready. Once hair is dry, pull out the pins and finger-comb through your waves for a natural-looking wavy style.


5. Top Knot TLC

The fashionable top knot is the perfect way to look summer-chic and still care for your hair. After getting out of the shower, apply a deep conditioner like Full Repair® hydrate + rescue Deep Conditioner to still-damp strands. Comb hair using a wide-tooth comb to evenly distribute the product. To get the on-trend ultra-high top knot, flip your head all the way over and brush your hair down to the top of your crown. Secure hair while your head is still flipped over and twist into a bun. Rinse out at the end of the day for super-soft strands.

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