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Damage Control: Better Care For Summer Hair

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This summer, take care of hair damaged from frequent heat styling and colouring. With the Full Repair line, you'll reverse the look and feel of damage with every use.

Excessive exposure to sunlight and chlorine can further damage hair that's been overworked from frequent styling and colour treatments. To keep hair healthy-looking and protected:

  • Before sitting on the beach or doing laps, comb a conditioner through wet hair and leave in under a wide-brimmed hat. Or pull your hair up into an on-trend top knot.
  • When stepping out into the sun for hours at a time, throw on a wide-brimmed hat for better protection from UV rays.

When hair is damaged from heat styling, your strands deflect light rays, making them appear duller. To reverse the look and feel of damage and pump up the shine:

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