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Maximize Your Autumn Shine

Brunette, General Hair Care
Beautiful brunettes, it's your time to shine. Forget the duo-tone look or hyper-crazy colour fads of the past. One of the top colour tips this season: natural-looking, warm, multidimensional brunette shades. Whether your colour is more of a chestnut or a toffee hue, the John Frieda® Hair Care Experts have some essential tips for getting your shine on as temperatures cool off.
  1. 1. Start Shining in the Shower

    With this trio of amazing products, it's a win, win situation. Start with Brilliant Brunette® Multi-Tone Revealing Moisturizing Shampoo with sweet almond oil and crushed pearls to rehydrate and revitalize hair. Next, condition with Brilliant Brunette® Multi-Tone Revealing Moisturizing Conditioner to create an ultra smooth and reflective surface. Finally, smooth on Clear Shine Luminous Glaze to give your hair that extra boost of incredible shine.

  2. 2. Dry Right

    The right blow dryer can mean the difference between dull and divine hair. Find a ceramic ionic styler to minimize heat damage. The innovative ionic technology gives hair a smooth, frizz-free finish.

  3. 3. Achieve Runway-Worthy Waves

    To create the touchable, shiny waves that are in this season, use a 1" curling iron to curl small sections of hair all around the head. Next, lightly brush out curls with fingers or a paddle brush. To deliver a burst of high-gloss shine, finish the look with Frizz-Ease® 100% Shine® Glossing Mist.

  4. 4. Shine from the Inside

    When you eat right, it's not just your waistline that thanks you. Your hair, too, is healthier, shinier, and more nourished when your diet consists of foods rich in vitamins A, B, C, E, protein, and omega-3 and 6. So pile on the leafy vegetables, snack on almonds and walnuts, and eat omega-rich fish to boost your shine from the inside out.

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