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Illuminate Your Brunette Hue

Lack of Shine, Brunette, Accessories and Style,
As summer temperatures begin to cool down, treat your tresses to a touch-up. Turn up your brunette hue with a rich, all-over colour that will enhance dimension and bring warmth to your tone as summer transitions into fall.

1. Recharge Your Colour

When enhancing brunette hues, look for shades in chocolate or caramel. Keep your skin tone in mind when picking out your brunette hue—warmer skin tones pair well with shades that have a "G" for golden or "BG" for brown-golden, and cooler skin tones may want to find a colour with "N" for neutral/natural or "A" for ash. Try our Precision Foam Colour Shade Selector to find the right shade for you. Be sure to pick a colour that's only one to two shades lighter or darker than your natural colour—your new, warmed-up hue should be a subtle change, not a complete overhaul.

2. Colour Care

Play up your dimensions and keep your colour noticeable with a daily boost of shine by pairing your new shade with Brilliant Brunette® Multi-Tone Revealing Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner. Start your shine in the shower, as this duo rehydrates and revitalizes locks while adding gloss and shine to your strands, preventing dull, dry hair this fall.

3. Maintain Shine

Heat tools and Indian summer heat can be detrimental to getting that warm brunette shade to last throughout the fall season. Smooth Brilliant Brunette® Liquid Shine Luminous Color Glaze® onto your strands while in the shower to spruce up lackluster locks and bring back shiny, lustrous hair with silky texture and tonal richness. Just shampoo, condition, and glaze!

4. Finishing Touch

With gorgeous, warmed up locks, brunette hues look good in just about anything. On your eyes, brown and violet shades will pop when used to create a smoky eye, perfect for cooler fall evenings out. Play around with rich, colourful hues like spicy red or coral for your lips—you can pull it off!

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