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Try Before You Dye

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JUST IN TIME FOR SPRING, the John Frieda® hair care experts created a hair care tool to put an end to at-home hair colouring horror stories. Whether you’re looking to go lighter for the season or give your natural colour a boost, the newest John Frieda® brand tool lets you see yourself in perfect salon-quality shades without stepping foot in a salon.

The new John Frieda® Hue PreviewTM tool takes salon colour consultations one step further by not only recommending custom shades, but letting you see how you look in them. Ever wondered how you’d look as a feisty redhead or a blonde bombshell? Now you can see for yourself.

Precision Foam Colour

Simply upload or snap a picture, answer a few simple questions, and within minutes you’ll be virtually trying on custom Precision Foam Colour shades chosen just for you. When you’ve found your perfect shade, you can click on the picture to compare it to your current hair colour, or shock your friends by sharing pictures of your new do. With the new John Frieda® Hue PreviewTM tool, there's no guesswork in shade selection, just salon-quality results.

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