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Hot Celebrity Trend: Vibrant Red

Red, General Hair Care
Daring. Sophisticated. Mysterious. Redheads draw our attention like no other colour in the spectrum. It's no wonder then that more and more celebrities are trying on the bold hue and getting rave reviews for their transformations. For those whose auburn locks owe a little to their stylist or their favorite salon-inspired, at-home colour, we provide answers to common questions about maintaining and enhancing your alluring shade.

Why does my red hair fade so fast? The biggest problem that redheads face is maintaining a true, rich, radiant colour. Red is the most difficult colour to maintain, because red dyes rinse out more easily than brown or blonde dyes. Each time a redhead washes her hair, the hair shaft swells, water penetrates into the hair, and dyes are "solubilised" and released into the rinse water. Additionally, red hair colour can be damaged or faded by UV exposure. As red colour is lost, the hair is left looking brown or brassy. In fact, a redhead must colour her hair twice as often as a blonde or a brunette in order to maintain her attention-getting red.

Is there anything I can do to prevent my colour from fading? Whether you have natural or colour-treated red hair, Radiant Red® Color Magnifying® Daily Shampoo and Radiant Red® Color Magnifying® Daily Conditioner work to help preserve and nourish your red hair by cleansing it of dulling residues. This leaves hair feeling silky soft and, with daily use, transforms red hair so that it projects rich tones with fiery red shine. Unless you are using a shampoo and conditioner that are designed to protect colour, avoid daily cleansing because it can make your colour fade faster.

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