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5 Steps for Frizz-Free Summer Style

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The warm summer months are great for your mood, but they can wreak havoc on your style if your hair tends to frizz in high humidity. This season, keep frizz in check—and your style flawless—with these simple tips.

1. Trim later.

If you have fabulous curls or waves, keep your bangs longer in the summer months, as they'll tend to curl up more in humid weather.

2. Comb while wet.

Brushing or combing dry strands causes frizz-prone hair to, well, frizz. Try running a comb through hair while still in the shower, before washing out your conditioner.

3. Add moisture in the shower.

Hair frizzes when strands try to soak up moisture from the air. Choose a hydrating shampoo and conditioner like Frizz-Ease® Smooth Start® Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner, and your hair will need less moisture later.

4. Rely on nature.

Give your heat tools a rest once in a while and let the higher temps help air dry your hair after using the right frizz eliminator for your hair type—either one of our Frizz-Ease® Hair Serums or our Frizz-Ease® Sheer Solution Lightweight Frizz Control. If you have curly or wavy hair, air drying can leave you with beautifully soft bend and movement.

5. Add shine.

Spraying your finished look with a fast-drying hairspray, like Frizz-Ease® Moisture Barrier Firm-Hold Hairspray will boost shine and repel humidity.

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