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Your Brightest Blonde, Holiday Edition

Blonde, General Hair Care
The days are shorter and cooler now, which is all the more reason to warm things up with your golden locks. Dazzle at any holiday party with these 5 tips for keeping your blonde shimmery and bright.

1. Nourish your Hue. Keep your blonde in celebratory shape by using the right products. A nourishing conditioner, like the one that comes with John Frieda® Precision Foam Colour, is essential. With weekly use, this conditioner will help give you long-lasting, tonal richness and keep hair soft and silky. Remember, too, to limit frequent washings, which can be drying—and, in the case of colour-treated hair, may strip strands of colour.

2. Shine On. When you need that special, holiday-party shimmer, use Clear Shine Luminous Glaze, an easy-to-use gel-creme formula that boosts shine right in the shower—without affecting colour.

3. Be Gentle. Your hair is most vulnerable when wet. After showering, pat hair dry—don't rough-dry it with a towel. Be especially gentle with your part; you'll get most of breakage at the hairline. And be sure to spray on a leave-in conditioner or heat protectant before blow-drying.

4. Take a Shortcut. There's no need for a total style update this busy time of year—who has the time? To keep hair chic and healthy-looking for the season, have your stylist trim the ends to eliminate dry or split ends where the colour might be more faded. Your hair, and your colour, will look healthier and shinier.

5. Warm it Up. If you're ready for a colour refresh, consider warm, face-framing highlights that will draw attention to your face. Or go for all-over glow with a caramel hue or a soft, warm blonde.

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