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Colour Play: The Right Makeup for Brunettes

Brunette, Accessories and Style
The good news? Your brunette hue is a versatile canvas—you can pull off a diverse palette of makeup, moving stylishly from soft to bold and back again. The bad news? Well—there isn't any, really. Whether your locks are a deep shade of espresso or a lighter shade of caramel, you can easily find the right makeup to complement your hair, your skin tone, and your style.

Daytime Beauty

Day is perfect for a soft, natural look. Brunettes with fair skin look great in neutral shades—pretty pinks, warm peaches, light purples. Try warming up pale skin with a little bronzer, and a soft-pink blush. Line lids with chocolaty eyeliner and throw on a little lip gloss for a beautifully bare-faced look. Darker skin tones look stunning with warm shades on the eyes—honeys, caramels, perhaps something with just a hint of shimmer. To add interest and definition to your look without appearing overdone, smooth on an eye-catching coral lipstick.

Evening Glamour

Stepping out tonight? Time to bring on the drama. Try a bold, red lip or a smoky eye to add mystery and intrigue to your look. Fair-skinned beauties can rock the metallic blue and purple eyeshadows that are on trend right now and look gorgeous with cooler skin tones. If you're a brunette with medium to dark skin, we recommend eye-catching, fashion-forward greens—think olive, emerald, and chartreuse shadows and liners. To keep your look sophisticated, choose to play up one feature rather be heavy-handed with all of them.

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