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Damage, Frizz, Other, General Hair Care
A bold change in hair colour is a simple way to dramatically alter your look, but it can leave behind dryness and damage. This month, Harry Josh, our John Frieda® Elite Club Stylist and John Frieda® International Creative Consultant, answers a question that anyone who colours their hair can relate to—how to treat damage, dryness and frizz.

I recently colored my hair from brunette to blonde. I have some damage, which was to be expected, and some dryness and frizz. Is there anything I can use to repair my hair and lose some of the frizz?

— Lisa, Vermont

Absolutely. When it comes to making colour treated hair look its best, you want to reverse the look and feel of damaged hair, not just cover it up. I recommend using Full Repair® Full Body Shampoo and Conditioner, which wraps broken strands in formulas enriched with lightweight Inca Inchi micro-oils, to strengthen and replenish damaged hair without weighing it down. They also help to smooth and detangle strands, reducing the risk of further breakage while brushing—something you really want to avoid.

When it comes to frizz, I want you to enjoy trying styles that show off your new look, not worrying about frizz or flyaways. I’ve found serums—like the Frizz-Ease® Hair Serum Original Formula for Medium to Coarse Hair—help transform chemically-treated hair into incredibly smooth, glossy hair. So you never have to shy away from the latest trends, like this season’s waterfall braid or messy, tousled braid.

I love using braids to highlight the look of beautiful hair colour. Take a look at my step-by-step styling video that shows how this season’s messy braid can make a big impact and show off your new colour.

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