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Perfect curls without the kinks can be tricky to achieve. John Frieda® Elite Club Stylist and International Creative Consultant, Harry Josh, explains the best way to get beautiful, natural looking curls you'll love.

What is the best way to curl my hair? I always end up with kinks or sections that don't curl right.

- Courtney, NC

Here's how you get great curls without the kinks—re-consider how you're using your styling tools, specifically your curling iron.

Start by separating out a small square-inch section of hair. Then take that section and gently wrap it around the heated barrel of your curling iron while holding it vertically—any size barrel will do. You don’t need to use the curling iron clamp at all. Hold the hair in place, holding out the very tip of the hair section, for about 10 seconds and then drop the barrel away to reveal a kink-free ringlet. Continue to curl in small sections all around your head, making sure to curl the hair around your face away from your face. Shake your hair out gently for a natural-looking wave.

I've found mousse—like the Frizz-Ease® Curl Reviver Styling Mousse—works well to prep all hair types in order to achieve a flexible hold when styling.

To see exactly what I am talking about, take a look at our styling video. It shows step-by-step this fantastic solution for kink-free curls.

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