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Accentuate Your Summer Style: Accessories We Love for Brunettes

Brunette, Accessories and Style
There's no better time than summer to spice up your style with the latest hair accessories. Think fashion-forward, eye-catching, and runway inspired. Elements that perfectly complement multidimensional brunette tones. We're loving retro headbands, flower clips, animal prints, and anything that catches the summer light just right.

Sophisticated Bohemian

On the runway, we've been seeing a lot of retro, 70's glamour. Achieve your own sophisticated boho style easily by turning pretty, silky scarves into chic headbands that wrap around your forehead. This style's the perfect way to complement to long, brunette waves.

Flower Power

Set off elegant updos or accentuate loose, flowing styles with roses, daisies, and carnations—the kind that won't wilt. These days, clips and barrettes made with silk or synthetic flowers are the prettiest way to turn heads—and to achieve beautiful style that's practically effortless.

All that Glitters

Add runway glamour to your everyday look, or spice up your evening style with a dash of sparkle. Jeweled combs and headbands catch the light and show off multidimensional brunette tones.

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