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Styling Tools

What is ionic technology?
An electronic ionizer generates negative ions, which neutralize positive ions in the atmosphere. The neutralization process flattens and seals the hair cuticle, reducing frizziness and leaving the hair looking shiny. The John Frieda styling tools have advanced ionic technology.
What are the benefits of an advanced ionic generator?
Your styling tool includes a high-voltage (advanced) ionic generator with more power that generates up to 50% more ions than ions created from natural sources. The ionizing function generates negative ions to:

1. neutralize the generally positive charge on flyaway, frizzy hair
2. eliminate static electricity
3. contribute to shine and manageability
What are the benefits of titanium ceramic coating on my styling tools?
A fusion of titanium and ceramic evenly distributes heat to gently style and protect hair from damaging hot spots. The titanium is a harder, more durable, heat-resistant metal able to withstand higher heat than aluminum or other metals.
What are the advantages of the AC motor in my Full Volume Dryer?
The AC motor is a high-performance motor designed for hair stylists and salon use. This professional motor is more durable and provides powerful air velocity for faster drying. An AC motor can also provide up to 3 times longer dryer life* vs. a standard DC motor.

*Compared to DC motor hair dryer models
What are the three attachments that come with my dryer?
There are two concentrators and one diffuser included with your dryer. Use the concentrator attachments to pinpoint heat flow to create a super-straight look or use the diffuser to create tousled, natural-looking waves.
How long does my styling iron need to heat before use?
Your styling iron will reach full heat in less than 2 minutes.
What is Tourmaline Ionic and what does it do?
Tourmaline is 100% crushed gemstones that release natural IONS for intense shine. IONS help flatten hair's cuticle layer, leaving the hair looking shiny and reducing frizz.
What is the benefit of boar bristles?
Boar bristles help to distribute the scalp's own natural oils for added shine and smoothness. Use to straighten coarse, curly hair.
What is the purpose of vents in a brush?
The vents allow the airflow from a blow-dryer to reach the hair for faster drying and styling.
What brush type should i use?
For longer, straighter hair, a paddle or cushion style brush is best to detangle and style and give a sleek, finished look. For wavy or curly hair, use a round brush to straighten and add body. To create more volume, use a larger barrel brush. To create curls or definition, use a smaller barrel brush.
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