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What is Glaze?

In professional salons, a glazing process enhances color and adds a high-finish shine to hair. Glaze is a gentle formula that restores a supple texture and extravagant shine. It contains Color Illuminating Technology®, and is the essential step in extending the luminosity of colored hair. It is ammonia- and peroxide-free

The Brilliant Brunette® Luminous Color Glaze® also revives faded color without permanently coloring your hair.

Will Brilliant Brunette® Luminous Color Glaze® stain my skin and clothes?
The Brilliant Brunette® variant does contain a small amount of semi-permanent color to help restore the intensity and shine of your hair color. This is why it is important to thoroughly wash your hands, and any other areas of skin that come into contact with Brilliant Brunette® Luminous Color Glaze® to avoid staining the skin. It is also recommended that you make sure that the product is fully rinsed out of the hair and avoid using a white or light-colored towel.
Since Brilliant Brunette® Luminous Color Glaze® contains color, does this mean that I am damaging my hair every time I use it?
No, this product contains no ammonia or peroxide and will not cause either short-term or long-term damage to hair.
How long before I see the effect of the Brilliant Brunette® glaze?
Most consumers will see the shine and texture benefits right away, and the color effect within the first three uses.
Is Glaze a heavy product that weighs the hair down upon application?
No. Glaze is a blend of shine and texture-enhancing silicones. Since the product is applied in the shower and then rinsed out, the right amount of product will be absorbed and any additional product will rinse off. The product is sheer, lightweight and for use by all hair types.
I’m afraid to add color to my hair; is there any way to get the shine without the added color?
Clear Shine Luminous Glaze formula will not change hair color, so every hair shade can experience clear, dazzling shine every day.
How often should I use this treatment?

The Brilliant Brunette® color-depositing Glaze can be used as a daily treatment. Clear Shine can be used as either a daily treatment or as a once-a-week surge treatment.

For Daily Use: Start with any John Frieda® Hair Care shampoo and conditioner. While still in the shower, smooth Glaze through wet hair, using only enough product to cover hair evenly from root to tip. Leave on for at least three minutes and rinse. Style as usual.

For Weekly Treatment: Apply to dry, unwashed hair. Saturate hair completely and pile loosely on top of your head. Wash hands thoroughly with soap to remove excess product. Leave on for 20 minutes. When time is up, rinse out. Shampoo, condition and style as usual.

How many treatments are in one bottle?
The 6.5 fl. oz. (192ml) bottle contains 20-25 daily treatments or four weekly surge treatments.
Can I use this product if I color my hair at the salon?

Glaze may be used on color-treated, highlighted or natural hair, however we recommend that you wait a day after coloring to apply Glaze to your hair.

The shine enhancers can interfere with salon or at-home hair color penetration, so please make sure that you have washed your hair at least once after using the glaze before you have hair color applied.

Is this Glaze heat-activated?
No, all of the Glaze products, including Clear Shine, do not need heat. Our formula contains penetration enhancers that will give you a great shine and smooth texture from root to tip without the use of heat.
Can I use Clear Shine with another Glaze shade?
All Glaze products contain the same lightweight silicones to provide dazzling shine and smooth texture. Whether you mix the two or use on separate occasions, the shine and texture benefit will be the same.
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