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Full Repair® Hair Care

What is Full Repair®?
Full Repair® hair care is a transformative line of salon-inspired products that weightlessly repairs brittle, damaged hair with every use. Lightweight Inca Inchi Oil, rich in omega-3, infuses worn-torn strands to reverse the look and feel of damage from heat styling + colouring.
What is Inca Inchi Oil?
Inca Inchi Oil is a natural oil that grows in a star-shaped fruit in the Amazon rainforest. It is high in Omegas-3 and -6 and has a wide range of uses, dating back to the ancient Incan women who used the oil in their daily rituals. It has been used in nutrition, skin care, and now Hair Care.
Who is the Full Repair® target consumer?
The Full Repair® target consumer is trapped in a vicious cycle: the more she does to get the look she wants — like flat ironing & blow drying, highlighting & colouring — the more she damages her hair. The products she currently uses to treat the damage just cover it up and weigh hair down.
Do any other competitive products contain Inca Inchi Oil?
John Frieda® Full Repair® is the only full range of hair care products using Inca Inchi Oil.
Can I use Full Repair® if I colour my hair?
All products are safe for colour-treated and chemically-treated hair.
Will the Inca Inchi Oil weigh my hair down?
No, the Full Repair® line of products has been specially formulated to repair the look and feel of damage without weighing down the hair.
Can I use these products on a daily basis?
Yes, the Full Repair® line of products is designed to be used daily, helping to transform the hair into full-bodied style with natural movement.
Can I use the Full Repair® Repairing Oil Elixir along with my other John Frieda® hair care items and stylers?
Yes, just apply the Repairing Oil Elixir after using your favorite John Frieda® shampoo and conditioner and follow with your favorite John Frieda® styling products.
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