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Frizz Ease® Hair Care

What causes frizz?
Even the healthiest, undamaged hair can get frizzy. Many contributors to frizz include humidity, excessive heat-styling (use of flat irons, curling irons, hair dryers), excessive combing and brushing of dry hair, and chemical processing which changes the structure and integrity of hair, leading to damage and frizz.
Is the Frizz Ease® line safe for use on colour-treated hair?
Yes. The Frizz Ease® line is safe for use on all types of hair. However, if the primary benefit that you are seeking is to improve and maintain the look and shine of your colour, it is recommended that you use a shampoo and conditioner specifically formulated for your shade such as the Sheer Blonde®, Brilliant Brunette® or Radiant Red® lines.
If I have colour-treated, frizzy hair, should I use products from the Sheer Blonde®, Brilliant Brunette® or Radiant Red® lines, or from the Frizz Ease® line?
Choosing the appropriate product line to fit your hair-care needs will depend on what your needs are. If you have frizzy, colour-treated hair and your primary goal is to preserve your colour and increase shine, you should choose a shampoo and conditioner from either the Sheer Blonde®, Brilliant Brunette® or Radiant Red® line. However, if your primary need deals with eliminating your frizz, you should choose a shampoo and conditioner from the Frizz Ease® line. Also note that products from John Frieda® Hair Care can be combined to create a regimen that is customized to your specific hair-care needs. If your hair is colour-treated and frizzy, you may wish to shampoo and condition with the Sheer Blonde® or Brilliant Brunette® shampoos and conditioners in order to rehydrate and revitalize damaged, dry hair. To specifically target frizz, use one of the Frizz Ease® Hair Serums to help prevent frizz and protect against heat-styling damage.
If I don’t have frizz, can I still benefit from the Frizz Ease® line?
Yes! Many people think that frizz only applies to having dry, coarse, wiry, frizzy hair. It is important to recognize that frizz is really a broad category incorporating everything from flyaways and split ends, to severe damage from over-processing and heat-styling that leaves your hair coarse and unmanageable. You do not need to have severely dry and damaged hair in order to benefit from the Frizz Ease® line. The line offers prescriptive solutions to not only combat the varying degrees of frizz, but also to help prevent it.
How do I know which Frizz Ease® serum would be best for my hair type?
If you have moderately dry, damaged, frizzy hair, you should use the Original Six Effects Serum on your wet hair. The Original formula is a silicone-based styling aid used to smooth dry, frizzy hair, while delivering a layer of crystal-clear gloss for perfect style. If you have extremely dry, coarse hair, or unruly chronic frizz, you should use the Extra Strength Six Effects + Serum on wet hair. The Extra Strength formula offers a high-potency blend of silicones to dramatically transform coarse, unruly hair, to help achieve a polished and sleek look while helping prevent future frizz with regular use. The Expert Finish Polishing serum has all of the frizz-fighting benefits of the Original and Extra Strength serums, but it also protects against the damage caused by heat-styling and smoothes down flyaways. It is also unique as it is used on dry hair to perfect your curly or straight end style.
How much serum should I use to avoid making my hair greasy?
The Frizz Ease® serums are powerful frizz-fighting tools and, like all of the styling products from John Frieda® Hair Care, should be used sparingly. It is best to start with a very small amount (one pump) and rub it into the palm of your hands before distributing it evenly throughout the hair. The amount of serum required will vary, depending on hair length and thickness and if the hair is dry, you should use less of the product.
Can I use a combination of two serums?
Each Frizz Ease® Serum has different benefits and is targeted with a different frizz-fighting purposeIt is not recommended that you use two serums at once to avoid product buildup in your hair.
How can I achieve a smooth, sleek and straight style?
To achieve a polished and sleek, straight style, first shampoo and condition with Frizz Ease® Smooth Start® Shampoo and Conditioner. Formulated with frizz-fighting silicone, the shampoo and conditioner will help to create sleek, supple, shimmering frizz-resistant strands. Then rub a dime-size amount of Straight Fixation® Styling Créme in hands and work through damp hair before blow-drying with a brush. The crème infused with a ThermaGuard® Complex protects from damage and keeps hair smooth and straight without weighing it down. Finish the look by applying a small amount of Secret Weapon® Touch-Up Créme onto dry hair to smooth flyaways and add manageability and shine after blow-drying or using the flat iron.For an ultra-sleek style that lasts up to 3 days, use 3-Day Straight Flat Iron spray in place of Straight Fixation® Styling Crème and lock in glossy style with your heat tools.
My flat-iron damages my hair. How can I protect it?
The best way to protect against heat damage is to use Frizz Ease® Heat Defeat® Protecting Spray. This lightweight protective styling spray with ThermaGuard® Complex works with heating tools and protects against damage, blocks humidity and rehydrates hair. To get ideal smooth and straight style start with Frizz-Ease® Smooth Start® Shampoo and Conditioner then spray Frizz Ease® Heat Defeat® Protecting Spray on damp hair and blow-dry straight. For greater protection against heat tools use one of the Frizz Ease® Serums before applying Heat Defeat® Protecting Spray.
Which Frizz Ease products should I choose first? There are so many!
Hair serum, first and foremost. This product delivers the most immediate and dramatic results. After one application you hair will be noticeable smoother and glossier. Follow with any of the great styling/finishing products that will further help to keep hair smoother and addresses your styling need.
Will I get better results if I use the whole range?
Absolutely. Frizz Ease® styling products were specifically developed with special blends of ingredients proven to de-frizz and add shine. If you use the whole range, you are using formulas throughout the styling process that will help to get your hair smoother and keep it that way until your next shampoo.
Can the Frizz Ease® Nourishing Oil Elixir be used in conjunction with the Frizz Ease® Serums?
Given that both the Frizz Ease® Serums and Oil Elixir work to combat frizz, it is not recommended that you use both. However, the Frizz Ease® Oil Elixir is the perfect complement for many of the other Frizz Ease® stylers to add an instant boost of softness & shine.
How much curlier can I make my curls with the Frizz Ease® Go Curlier Heat-Activated Spray?
The Experts at John Frieda® recommend that you use a curling iron with a barrel slightly smaller than your natural curls to achieve the best salon-smooth spirals. However the unique formula in Go Curlier Spray allows you to go as curly as you’d like and have touchably smooth curls for up to 48 hours.
If I use the Frizz Ease® Unwind Curls Calming Crème, will it make my hair completely straight?
If you have naturally curly hair, Unwind Curls Calming Crème will not fully straighten your hair, for that we would recommend one of our stylers designed to achieve a straight style such as 3-Day Straight Flat Iron Spray or Straight Fixation® Styling Crème. Unwind Curls Calming Crème will however loosen and elongate kinky, frizzy, tight spirals for soft, even and controlled curls that last all day.
How do I know which is the best curly product for me to use?
Frizz Ease® has a wide range of curl products to help you achieve your ideal, frizz-free curly style, no matter what your desired curly end style is. The key to achieving any great curly style starts in the shower—Frizz Ease® Dream Curls® Shampoo & Conditioner hydrate strands for improved detangling and instantly easier styling. If you are looking to control or hold your current curl level, we’d recommend trying Clearly Defined® Gel for a sculpted, firm-hold or Curl Reviver Mousse for a more touchable hold. If you are trying to enhance your natural curl level, use Dream Curls® Daily Styling Spray which restores definition, elasticity and bounce to natural curls without a crunchy feel. Amp up your curl level with Go Curlier Heat-Activated Spray which allows you to create tighter and more defined spirals. Unwind Curls Calming Crème will loosen and elongate kinky, frizzy, tight spirals for soft, even and controlled curls.
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