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Nicola Clarke

Nicola Clarke joined John Frieda® Hair Care in July 2007. As Creative Colour Director, she will be actively involved in product development and trial, in particular for the colour care product lines.

Nicola Clarke has been colouring hair since 1987 and is one of the most influential and sought-after colourists on both sides of the Atlantic. Her talents lie in enhancing natural hair colour to create beautiful and lustrous-looking hair.

Nicola is widely acclaimed for her flair and creativity and has established herself as the favored colourist of top beauty directors from elite publications, putting her name to countless front covers. She is also the top choice for a number of the world's most renowned photographers, not only for editorial work, but also for multimillion-dollar ad campaigns.

Nicola regularly works with today's most high profile style icons, both male and female. Nicola has been instrumental in creating some ever-changing iconic looks, turning them from red to caramel and brunette to blonde. She is also responsible for creating inspired and memorable looks for the stars in some of today's biggest films.