My Morning Routine

The perfect way to start my day is with a wake up from my favorite little alarm clocks—my dogs, Chloe and Fitz. Once I roll out of bed and pull on my silk robe, I make myself a cup of coffee (mixed with a little almond milk and cinnamon) and go through my morning emails. Next it’s time to begin my day. I hop into the shower and lather up with
John Frieda® Sheer Blonde® Everlasting Blonde® Shampoo and Conditioner. This duo keeps my blonde light and bright so I don’t have to worry about fading. It’s nice to know that out of all the challenges I face on an average day, keeping up my blonde isn’t one of them. Once I’m out of the shower I throw on a pair of faded jeans and an oversized sweater. Then I run a brush through my hair to let it air dry during a morning walk on the beach with my dogs. My just-washed hair smells amazing as the breeze catches it, and I love to cuff up my jeans and walk along the edge of the water while my dogs chase each other.

My Morning Routine

Backyard garden

On the job

As soon as the traffic dies down, it’s time to head to the office for a fitting. I put on a bouncy floral skirt, a silky tee, and flats, add a few loose curls to my hair and am on my way. Today we are fitting our spring collection. I study one of the dresses on our fit model. The sketch felt modern, but now it’s reading a little too safe. I pick up a pair of fabric sheers and remove both sleeves. It’s not enough, so I slice open the back of the dress and pin a panel of chiffon in its place. Perfect. The look is now sexy, yet chic. After we wrap up our fitting I have a working lunch meeting with my team to discuss the calendar for next month and an upcoming photo shoot. Thanks to
John Frieda® Sheer Blonde® products I know my blonde is looking bright and sunny, giving me the confidence to get through my hectic day.

On the Job

Lunch meeting with the team

We finish up just in time for me to beat rush hour and make it home in time to take out the kayaks with William. I slip out of my work clothes and into a bikini and pair of high-wasted cut-offs, tuck my hair up into a panama hat, and head to the beach. While out on our paddle we spot a pod of dolphins and a sea lion. We make it back as the sun is starting to set and the summer day begins to cool.

Time to Unwind

Time to unwind

I have a dinner tonight with a couple of girlfriends so I quickly rinse the salt and sand off my skin. The ocean air has added a nice texture to my hair, so I adjust the part to the far right side of my head and pin my hair half back with a bobby pin. I use a small spray
of John Frieda® Sheer Blonde® Crystal Clear Hair Spray for hold and shine to finish this beachy look. I leave my makeup light, but add a bright pink lip to play up my bright blonde. I arrive at my favorite Mexican restaurant in a cropped leather pant, a simple black stiletto sandal, and a cream lace top. I spend the next few hours catching up with my girlfriends before heading home to call it a night, that way I’m ready to wake up and do it all over again.